• The Mum Guilt Battle.

    The Mum Guilt Battle.

    I think it’s safe to say when a baby is born, mum guilt is the not-so-well received gremlin born along side our precious bundles.

    Of course this is generations old but it seems worse now than ever, maybe that’s because I’m in the now!

    Generations ago mums didn’t have Instagram or Facebook at the swipe of their fingers, although they also didn’t have iPad’s and Cbeebies so maybe we shouldn’t play the comparison game. Either way mum guilt is an ongoing gremlin we all have too deal with.

    I had a moment a few months ago that put my mum guilt into perspective.

    I went to my doctor to change my anti depressant dosage

    “…….if only I’d spent more time on myself these last few years maybe I wouldn’t have got so bad”…… I said to her.

    Her response has stayed with me ever since.

    “Don’t be so hard on yourself. Look at what you’ve achieved in that time, two healthy, happy boys. You’ve fed them when they were hungry, you bathed them when they needed cleanliness, and you’ve cuddled them when they’ve been poorly. You have achieved so much”

    Well, isn’t that the truth?

    Sometimes you just need a reality check and it can come when you least expect it. I needed that little reminder that day.

    So when you’re having a moment, because you’re going back to work or just taking a shower on your own, you must remember what you have achieved since becoming a mum.

    Our babies are only happy because of us and all that we do.

    So stick that in your pipe and smoke it Mum Guilt!

    Thank you for being here

    Love Gemsy



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