• Our Farmhouse Renovation


    So here she is.

    Mr.T’s family home and our little project since September 17.

    We’re lucky enough to be the new owners of this rather ancient farmhouse. She’s looked better but we’re here to inject some life back into her and a little personality too.

    We couldn’t be more excited about it.

    We’re not doing the work ourselves as we wanted it to take less than ten years. So we’ve got a keen team of builders doing the grafting, whilst Mr.T does his thing and supplies the farmers all that they need and I look after this brood of gorgeous boys.

    We’ve spent many happy hours here with Nanny & Grandad and it has always felt like home. I can’t wait to be on the sofa with wine, refereeing the wrestling. We have to use a little imagination as the lounge is covered in ceiling right now.

    Welcome to our kitchen diner, where all the really carnage will take place.

    Kitchen this end, table and chairs in the middle and a comfy corner for Mr.T to watch the cricket and me cook…… it’s all equal round ‘ere.

    My kitchen sink will be underneath this window,  I’ve never been so excited to see grey breeze blocks in my life.

    Now you’re upstairs in the master bedroom. I don’t take just anyone in to my boudoir you know!

    Vaulted ceilings are my thing, never had one, but always longed for such a thing. Sure to turn into one of my infamous spider farms but how impressive will it look when it’s done? Spiders and all.

    This side of the vaulted ceiling will be house to a walk in wardrobe, mine, of course. How. Lucky. Am. I?

    Double doors will lead out on to a terrace……..we’ve only gone and got ourselves a bloody terrace, where wine will be guzzled and sunsets will be watched. And yes those barns are coming down so we can see the beauty of Herefordshire.

    So that’s a slice of what we’ve got going on over here. I thought I’d bring you along for the ride, if you fancy it?

    Although, I can’t leave without telling you a little about how I’m going to design the place, as my job is chief interior designer. No pressure, Gemsy!

    The home we’re in at the moment has been one big interior design experiment, from a red feature wall (yes, that did happen) to a nightclub purple bathroom(I know!). Both have now been changed into grown up shades or grey and white……..

    …….but this made me realise one thing.

    You should LOVE everything you choose to fill your home with. Not because Instagram would love it or you saw it in your latest edition of Elle Decoration.

    Whether I’m in a junk shop or a boutique store, the first question I ask myself when I’m drawn to something is, “do i really LOVE this”

    If the answer is a resounding “Yes” then I know that piece will stay in our home until it’s dying day.

    When your home is full of the people you love and you love all that you’re surrounded by; there’s a whole lotta’ love going on!

    I’m no interior designer but it’s worked for me.

    Try it, you’ll see.

    Thanks for stopping by

    Love Gemsy







    1. May 17, 2018 / 1:23 pm

      Ahh Gem! Such an exciting project. Can’t wait to follow this amazing journey. I’ll also be joining you for wine on the terrace haha! H xxx

    2. lovegemsy1987
      May 29, 2018 / 9:46 pm

      Ahh Han it really is exciting. I can’t wait to drink wine with you up there x

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