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    Hello again.

    My hiatus from blogging has been a long one but I’m now feeling inspired and ready to get back in the saddle. Thank you for bearing with me. I thought I’d start with sharing our holiday to Kassiopi, Corfu in July this year.

    We spent seven blissful days together as a family. To spend a whole week out of our daily routine felt so refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, since becoming a mum I have been a sucker for a routine but a whole week of change was pretty wonderful.

    Our villa was at the top of a pretty steep hill so the first thing we did was hire a couple of quad bikes to get us around. We didn’t fancy pushing Arch up the hill in thirty three degree heat multiple times a day. We weren’t sure if Arch would be allowed to ride on the road but as in most European countries they were so relaxed about it. The slightly grumpy Greek who served us just said “as long as he doesn’t drive” it would be fine. I think he was serious too, he didn’t seem the joking type. That made Archie’s whole year, getting to ride up front with his Dad on a quad was everything. For Arch the holiday was already made on the first day.

    We spent the majority of the holiday eating, drinking and lounging by the pool. The hardest decision we made all week was what to have off the menu. Which is how holidays should be. Half way through the week we hired a boat for the day and found a traditional Greek tavern on the waters edge in which we had a feast. Although, the sea was choppy on the way home so we eventually arrived back to the harbour looking like a very English team of drowned rats! Arch managed to sleep through the whole ordeal even though he too was soaked. We all found it very funny once we were on dry land (except my non seafaring Dad!) It was a great day that we will always remember.

    They call Kassiopi the Kensington of Corfu which meant there wasn’t a party boat or jet ski in sight but instead a lovely mix of tourists and locals. It’s a special little harbour that we’ll be returning to as a soon as we get chance.

    It was so wonderful to spend time together as a family in such a beautiful place. Archie had a team of tractor helpers on tap and this Mummy managed to read more than one page of her book. It is true what they say, it’s not what you have in your life but who you share your life with that truly matters.

    Thank you for your patience, I’m so happy to be back here.

    Love Gemsy




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