• Flowers for the Soul

    Flowers for the Soul

    I thought I’d share with you our flowery trip to the confetti fields last week. This seems the perfect time to share this as I’m stuck to the sofa with a very sore neck.  The boys think it’s great though as they’re able to raid the fridge multiple times an hour without me being able to stop them. Dreaming of better days is what helps right now.

    This really was a sight for sore eyes. I mean LOOK at them all, standing so tall ready to be photographed and frolicked in by the likes of us and then gently harvested and made into confetti to sprinkle on a happy couple. That’s multi tasking at its best.

    Of course I wanted a photo of myself and the boys among these beauties but we’d had a rough night previous so they were; shall we say a little touchy about having their photograph taken. But as always the candid photos are my favourite. Good job really as these two follow their Dad and hate the faff of photographs even on a good day.

    Here it is. My favourite photo of me and my boys to date. To me, candid photos like this capture that exact moment in time almost as if there’s no photographer there. It’s special that’s for sure.

    The icing on the cake was the tea and cake tent. Scones and Twinnings what more does a tired mum and her equally tired boys need. The scones were devoured before I had time to photograph the delight.

    I tried to explain to the boys these flowers were here to produce confetti to throw over newly weds, but having never been to a wedding they seemed more excited by the sandy soil underfoot.

    Although they were pretty interested when they saw the man harvesting the petals into his bucket.

    Of course a day out wouldn’t be complete without Auntie Bert, who bunked of work for a few hours, the perks of self employment, hey.

    ……and Grandma joined us of course.

    The boys started to get a little fed up of flowers and even the sandy soil so we headed back to Laylocks for lunch.

    We sat in the shade and filled our tummies and then made our way home with full souls. Flowers on mass really are so good for the soul. Pop it on your to do list next year. The fields are only open for 10 days every summer so get organised!

    Love Gemsy.










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