• Christmas at Home

    Christmas at home is a big deal.

    Mum begins lacing the house with this Christmas fragrance oil about mid November. Mum has done this since we were all little so we all associate the warm Christmasy scent with the start of Christmas and instantly we know that the big man in red will be on his way before we know it.

    Then on the first of December without fail Mum begins the decorating. With at least five Christmas trees throughout the house to decorate, it usually takes a couple of days and quite a few cups of coffee.

    The farmhouse is a cosy place all year round but it’s taken to a whole new level at Christmas time. The fire roars and there’s a warmth that you’ll find in no other household.

    I shouldn’t get this far without mention Dad. He’s in charge of logistics. Hunting for branches to make the twig tree and putting up all the outdoor lights. He’s also the unlucky one in charge of turning the lights off every evening!

    Every room is as Christmasy as the next.

    Does it get any cosier than this?

    The only thing missing is Santa himself but we all know that we’ve got to wait until Christmas eve for him………

    Have the loveliest Christmas and New Year

    Love Gemsy









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