• Autumn at Home

    Autumn at Home

    On Sundays we go home, it takes us all of three minutes from our cozy little pad to Grandma and Poppa’s cozy not so little pad for our weekly fix of Gravy Sunday.

    There really is no place like home, especially this special one.

    The other day I said to Arch and Theo we were going home after going to Grandma’s house, he chirped up

    “Grandma and Poppa’s house IS home Mummy”

    How right he is.

    This Sunday afternoon before the sun sauntered down, we raided Poppa’s garden for the final time this year. Who needs Sainsbury’s when you’ve got the keenest gardener you know just up the road.

    “Who fancies picking tomatoes” I shouted to the boys as we got through the door.

    They both jumped for joy at the prospect of such a thing. Who knew tomatoes could be so exciting…..

    Arch and I picked whilst Theo dug all the soil he could find. We’re going to make Sweet Chilli and Tomato Jam with this batch. It’s a super easy recipe and tastes SO delicious with a healthy block of cheddar. I’ll rustle it up and show you.

    The Dahlias were our next victims. Bright and voluptuous most definitely the dame of the veg patch. Bravely I left Arch in charge of the scissors whilst I snapped away annoying the hell out of him.

    “……one more photo Arch, just hold them nicely in your hands”

    This was his version of nicely.

    I love it. Much to his dismay!

    After a drunken style ramble round the garden for the foliage to go with our pretties Arch and I snuck off for a quick forage in the apple orchards.

    We sunk our teeth into “…..the best apple of my life Mummy”  and picked ourselves a huge bagful of these beauties.

    The sun went down and our toes started to grumble so we joined everyone else for some carpet farming in front of the fire.

    Oh Gravy Sunday how we love you.

    Love Gemsy



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