• A Super Easy Chutney

    A Super Easy Chutney

    I love making chutney. I think it’s because I get to potter about in the kitchen whilst it bubbles away or maybe it’s just my inner witch.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend hours every week doing it, I mean, I’m always on a nap time curfew. But at least once a year I dust off the saucepan that any witch would envy and have a chutney day.

    This chutney is the bomb. I usually eat it spooned straight on to a block of cheddar and totally sod the biscuit. Who wants to put wheat in the middle of that perfect marriage.

    I can’t take the credit for this perfect combination, the recipe is from Delicious magazine. Also, don’t be put off by the mountain of tomatoes I started with, I tripled the quantities as I had a glut of tomatoes to use up, quick.

    Here’s the recipe.

    Tomato & Sweet Chilli Jam

    2 tsp cumin seeds

    2 tsp coriander seeds

    750g ripe tomatoes

    2 onions chopped

    2 crushed garlic cloves

    2 large chillies finely chopped

    5cm piece of ginger grated (I always use lazy ginger out the jar so I just chopped it)

    250ml white wine vinegar

    300g soft light brown sugar (i used half and half with caster sugar)

    2 tsp fish sauce or soy sauce


    Firstly, toast the seeds gently over a medium heat for 1 minute. Watch them and do not potter- they will burn!

    Then wiz them up in a blender or pestle and mortar. This seems like a faff but make the effort, these little seeds make this chutney come alive.

    Next, chop all the tomatoes, onions, chilli and ginger……

    ….and crush the garlic

    Add them to the couldren along with all the other ingredients except the fish sauce.

    Bring to the boil and then turn down to a simmer until it’s a jam like consistency. Now is your time to potter and let the magic happen.

    Mine doesn’t always look like jam but it soon thickens up when cooled.

    Add the fish sauce and cook for a further two minutes.

    Now, before anything else, get a biscuit sized block of cheese and spoon it straight on the top.

    Now do you see what all the fuss is about?

    You can sterilise your jars in the dishwasher or wash them and pop them in the oven at 140 C for 10 minutes.

    A jar of this taste sensation makes a great Christmas gift……

    ….that’s if there’s any left.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Love Gemsy



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