• A Greek Mama’s Prawn Spaghetti

    You may have eaten prawn spaghetti or even cooked it yourself but believe me, this isn’t spaghetti as you know it.

    A few years ago we stumbled or should I say sloshed across the most picturesque Greek tavern whilst on a boat trip in Kassiopi, Corfu. Little did I know I was about to eat the best spaghetti of my life. Dramatic, I know but I live to eat and so I was pretty happy to find this little gem.

    Once I’d finished and just before I desperately needed a siesta I asked the chef for the recipe. A wonderfully Greek Mama came out of the kitchen with the ingredients written on a slither of paper.

    She either didn’t have time to share the quantities or she didn’t want to give the game away. So I’ve made a variation of the same dish which in my humble opinion is totally delicious and really easy to make.

    Serves 2

    1 tbsp of butter

    4 cloves of garlic

    1 large glass of white wine

    Half a tin of chopped tomatoes

    1 fish stock cube

    A packet of fresh prawns (uncooked/cooked)

    A splash of chili oil

    chopped chives/ parsley/ dill

    salt and pepper

    Melt the butter and then add the chopped garlic and fry for a minute or so.

    Quickly add the wine as you don’t want to burn the garlic, bring to the boil and reduce to half the amount.

    Add half the tin of chopped tomatoes.

    and the stock.

    and bring to the boil to combine.

    If using uncooked prawns add them now just so they have enough time to cook. They should only take a couple of minutes to turn pink. Don’t over cook them as they go like rubber.

    I like mine spicy so I add chili oil but if you don’t like too much spice just omit this.

    Then check the seasoning. Add as much black pepper as you can handle as this adds such a delicious edge to this dish. It won’t need any salt at this stage as it has plenty of stock. It may taste a little too salty but don’t worry it will be perfect once the pasta is added.

    Once the spaghetti is cooked add it to the pan, if you’re using precooked prawns add them now so they have time to cook through. Bring the pan up to boil again and toss the spaghetti through the sauce, if it starts to stick turn it down. You may need to add some pasta water to loosen the sauce. You want the sauce silky smooth not sticky.

    Finally, add whatever chopped herbs you are using and toss.

    Enjoy with the crispiest glass of wine you can find.

    I’d love to know if I’ve inspired you to make this, it’s sure to become a favourite.

    Happy Cooking….

    Love Gemsy


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